Expert Advice

Expert advice

Collagen for cellulite

Cellulite is not an illness, but a beauty ailment. This is an uneven arrangement of an adipose tissue which forms gibbous clods on the skin.


Collagen for wrinkles

One of the ways to delay appearance and to reduce a number of wrinkles is a proper diet and an appropriate face and the body treatment.


For stretch marks

Collagen is extremely helpful when it comes to the struggle against stretch marks. This is because collagen improves and regenerates


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  • Collagen PlatinumCOLLAGEN PLATINUM

    Recommended mainly for the treatment of the face, neckline and other delicate body parts. Effective in revitalizing treatment of mature skin, for non-invasive face lifting, after plastic surgery operations. Can also be used after mechanical skin cleaning, sunbathing, as a mask...


  • Collagen SilverCOLLAGEN SILVER

    Natural Collagen Silver (body) is recommended for the intensive care of all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin. Intended for use both in beauty salons and at home, it is ideal after sunbathing, when the skin is dry and craves nutritional substances.


  • Collagen GraphiteCOLLAGEN GRAPHITE

    Natural Collagen Graphite is recommended for hair and nail care, and as a bathing addition. It is successfully used in both hairdressing and beauty salons, and can also treat joints or nourish the skin.


  • Collagen cosmetics lineCOLLAGEN COSMETICS LINE

    The COLWAY® company is continually striving to satisfy its customers' needs by searching for the finest skin care. This resulted in the origin of a brand-new cosmetic line based on Natural Collagen!


  • Collagen Colvita dietary supplementCOLLAGEN COLVITA

    Colvita is a product counted among nutricosmetics, i.e. dietary supplements created specifically to improve condition of the skin. The components used in the product, including very assimilable lyophilized Collagen


collagen facials

It is believed that fine feathers make fine birds. In other words, people who surround you tend to judge you by your face. Therefore, do not allow them to think that you do not know how to take care of yourself.....

First of all, you should protect your skin from the harmful influence of environment, particularly ultraviolet radiation which results in the biggest damage to your skin. Adverse changes start accumulating in it, which..


body care collagen

The credit for a supple and smooth body goes not only to exercise and a healthy diet, but also to a proper care. We will suggest you how to take care of your body in order to have moisturized skin with no signs of stretch marks and cellulite....

Beautiful bust, neck and legs… Is this only a dream? You may fulfil it in several weeks and enjoy smooth skin. We have prepared some pieces of advice which will help you achieve long-awaited results.


Collagen Hair Care

Each woman would like to enjoy having healthy, neat and shining hair. In order to have such, you need to comply with several rules. It frequently turns out that not only do you take care of your hair improperly, but also you nourish it wrongly....

Numerous factors have an impact on the look of your hair and each of them may actually contribute to your hair losing its natural shine, being matt and looking unhealthy..


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Did you know that collagen is called a protein of the youth? Collagen can be found in a connective tissue. However, in case of its deficiency, you may provide your body with NATURAL COLLAGEN COLWAY! Natural collagen is a wonderful product thanks to which people, especially woman, may forget about their skin problems. This revolutionary cosmetic helps to get rid of the first signs of aging as well as a number of skin disorders. Natural Collagen COLWAY may be found in a number of spectacular products.

Depending on the type of disorder one can use a few different types of cosmetics with this biologically active protein. Not only does it supplement collagen deficiency but also stimulates its production in human body. Those who want to take care of their face, neck and cleavage should use COLLAGEN PLATINUM. Should you dream of beautiful hair and nails, the best choice will be COLLAGEN GRAPHITE while COLLAGEN SILVER will help you to take care of the whole body. From now on your skin will be smoother and more flexible while wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite will become less visible or even disappear.

You may also take collagen orally, in a form of special capsules COLVITA that will allow collagen influence your tissues from inside of your body. COLLAGEN COLVITA is a complex of freeze dried fish tropocollagen, algae extract and vitamin E. Algae are rich with minerals as well as vitamins B and C, while vitamin E has a great influence on acquisition of protein. No matter if you decide on external application or on taking pills, after some time of regular application of natural collagen, you will definitely see a great difference. Your skin will be healthier, softer and perfectly moisturized. Just look in the mirror!


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Collagen Night Cream 50ml

Collagen Night Cream 50ml

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Collagen Platinum 200ml

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Collagen Eye Elixir 15ml

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